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Live System Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a Live System

There are several pre-requisites to starting a live system.  First and foremost you must have a data and broker service configured and associated with the folders/symbols you intend to run your automated system against.

To configure a broker service, see the Broker FAQ.  To configure a real-time data provider service, see the Real-Time Data Provider FAQ.

Once these items are properly configured, a live system can be executed.  To begin executing a live system, open a trading system using the Open Trading System... option from the File menu.  If you do not have a trading system, please see the Trading System Development FAQ.  You can also download existing trading systems from the RightEdge web site.

Once a trading system is opened, select the symbols on the Watchlist pane to run this system against.  If you have not configured a watchlist, see the Watchlist FAQ before continuing.

Now that the symbols are selected, select Run Live from the Build menu.  If there are no errors in the system, the system will begin running.

The system also starts live data for the specified symbols.  Double click a symbol in the live data pane to open a live chart into the document area.

The Live System pane will contain information about positions, P/L, etc.

To stop a live system, select the Stop Live option from the Build menu.

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Why Does IB Keep Asking To Accept Incoming Connections?

This is a security feature of Interactive Brokers so that you are aware that something is making a connection to your instance of Trader Workstation.  This is not something RightEdge can bypass, however, you can make a change in Trader Workstation to cause the prompting to stop.  In the TWS settings, select the API tree.  Under the "Trusted IP Addresses" section, click "Create".  Add the address to this list.  This means that anything installed on your local computer can connect to TWS without your confirmation.

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