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Broker Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a broker for trading

RightEdge is highly flexible with regard to brokers.  Each broker is a separate plugin so that RightEdge can communicate with any broker that provides an SDK or API.  In this example, we'll set up a broker plugin fro Interactive Brokers.  An Interactive Brokers customer has access to broker services that can be used by RightEdge.

To setup an Interactive Brokers data source, first select the Configure Services () option.

To add a new service, click the New... button.  A wizard prompting for information that this service needs will follow.


Note: If you've already configured a data provider (real-time or historical) that uses Interactive Brokers, it's only necessary to configure this one time.

Select the Interactive Brokers service from the Available Service Plugins list.  Enter a name into the Friendly Name field.  This is how the name will appear when configuring a watchlist and assigning services to that watchlist.  For this example, we're naming the service "Interactive Brokers".  Click Next to configure the service settings.  For Interactive Brokers, there are no further settings required.  Since RightEdge communicates with Interactive Brokers through Trader Workstation (TWS), TWS manages the connection.  And as an additional note, TWS must be up and running for RightEdge to retrieve data from Interactive Brokers.

At this point, the Interactive Brokers data service is configured.  Now we can assign this broker service to a watchlist folder.  If you're not yet familiar with configuring watchlist, please review the Watchlist FAQ section now.

Now we can assign our newly created Interactive Brokers service to a Watchlist item.  To begin, right click any folder in the Watchlist and select Configure Folder.  The broker services are configured on the Services tab.  Click the Services tab to associate the new Interactive Brokers service with this folder as highlighted below.


Finally, we can use Interactive Brokers as a broker plugin.  To run a live system, simply place a check next to the folder that you've assigned the "Interactive Brokers" service to and click the Start Live System button ().

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