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Data or Broker Service Provider Related Errors

Having problems connecting to your data provider using RightEdge?  This seems to be a common issue to overcome when getting started with RightEdge.  Fortunately, we have some suggestions and we're always working on ways to make this process smoother.

If you're using Interactive Brokers, MB Trading or Oanda you may experience an exception when trying to start the data retrieval process.  Most of the time this error is:

The service plugin RightEdge.DataRetrieval.OpenTickService threw an exception of type System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException

This is almost always caused by the version of the provider we used to build the service and the version currently installed on your system.  While these libraries are supposed to be backwards compatible, this is not always honored.

Interactive Brokers Users

For Interactive Brokers, download and install the standalone Trader Workstation (TWS) from here:

This will ensure that you're using the right version of the software and interoperability components for use with RightEdge.

Then select the "Interactive Brokers Plugin" from the list of available service plugins when creating a service.

IB Users - If you're receiving the error "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it", this is usually caused by one or both of these items.

1) You need to enable ActiveX/Sockets clients in TWS.

2) You may have a firewall on your machine blocking the connection.  You'll need to permit this connection.  The default port is 7496.

IQFeed Users

IQFeed users may see the exception System.BadImageFormatException.  This is because the IQFeed API is 32-bit only.  RightEdge supports both 32-bit and 64-bit environments, but since IQFeed is 32-bit, RightEdge must be run at the lowest common denominator.  As a result, you must force RightEdge into 32-bit mode.  This can be accomplished by going into the RightEdge application folder (typically C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge) and running the RightEdgeForce32bit.exe program.

MBTrading Users

We have supplied the version of the COM library that we've built RightEdge against.  The most current version that has been tested with MB Trading is  If you open the MBT Navigator software and click the About option, you will see the version of your Navigator software as well as the versions of the libraries.  RightEdge uses the following libraries:

  • MbtCom.dll
  • MbtOrders.dll
  • MbtQuote.dll

Each of these are available in the RightEdge plugin directory.  By default, this location is "C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Plugins".  You have the option of manually registering this version of the MBT libraries.  PLEASE NOTE: By manually registering different versions of these libraries, you run the risk of any other dependent applications being rendered useless.  Proceed with caution.

Try these steps in the following order:

  1. Close all instances of MB Trading Navigator.
  2. Close all instances of RightEdge.
  3. Use Windows explorer to locate your RightEdge plugin directory.  This is typically C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Plugins.  Within this folder, validate the existence of the files listed above.  If they do not exist, please contact support.
  4. Go to a command prompt or select the Run command from the Windows Start button.
  5. Type the following three commands (including quotes) into the command window.  You'll need to enter one command at a time.

    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Plugins\MbtCom.dll"
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Plugins\MbtOrders.dll"
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Plugins\MbtQuote.dll"
  6. You should see a message box for each command indicating that the registration was successful.
  7. Start MBT Navigator and RightEdge and begin collecting data with your MB Trading Plugin.
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