The Position type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBarCountExit
The number of bars before this position will be closed automatically. If this value is less than zero, the position will not be automatically closed.
Public propertyBarsHeld
The number of bars the position has been or was open for.
Public propertyCommission
The commission costs paid so far for this position.
Public propertyCurrentSize
The current size of this position.
Public propertyCurrentStats
The PositionStats object representing the current state of the position.
Public propertyCurrentValue
Gets the value of this position.
Public propertyCustomString
A string that can be used to store additional user-defined data related to the position.
Public propertyDescription
A user-definable description for the order.
Public propertyEntryPrice
The weighted average of the entry price for the shares or contracts that currently make up this position.
Public propertyEntryTransactionType
The TransactionType used to open or add to this position.
Public propertyError
Error information for the position. This will be null if the order to open the position was successfully submitted.
Public propertyExitPrice
The position exit price, as a weighted average.
Public propertyExitTransactionType
The TransactionType used to close this position or reduce its size.
Public propertyExposure
Gets the exposure for this position.
Public propertyGrossEntryPrice
The position gross entry price, as a weighted average.
Public propertyGrossSize
The gross size of this position.
Public propertyID
The unique ID for the position.
Public propertyInfo
The PositionInfo object for this position. This property is for internal use and does not usually need to be used in trading system code.
Public propertyInterest
The amount of interest earned or paid on this position.
Public propertyMaxSize
The maximum size of this position.
Public propertyOpenDate
Public propertyOrders
The pending orders for this position.
Public propertyPendingClose
Indicates whether ClosePosition has been called for this position. If this is true, then additional orders may not be submitted for the position.
Public propertyProfitTarget
The profit target for the position.
Public propertyProfitTargetType
The type of profit target for the position.
Public propertyRealizedProfit
The realized profit for this position.
Public propertyState
The position state (pending, open, or closed). A pending position is a position where the order to open it has been submitted but not filled.
Public propertyStopLoss
The stop loss for the position.
Public propertyStopLossType
The type of stop loss for the position.
Public propertySymbol
The symbol this position was established for.
Public propertyTag
An object that can be used to store additional user-defined data related to the position. Note that this field will not be saved between different live trading sessions. The CustomString field will be saved between sessions.
Public propertyTrades
The list of trades, or orders that have been filled, for this position.
Public propertyType
The position type (long or short).
Public propertyUnrealizedProfit
Gets the unrealized profit for a position.

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