The SystemData type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAccountCurrency
Gets the currency type for the account.
Public propertyAccountInfo
Provides access to information about the account, such as the account currency, and interest and exchange rates.
Public propertyAccountValue
Gets the current account value, which is current cash plus current equity.
Public propertyActions
Gets the ActionManager instance associated with this system.
Public propertyAllowDuplicateBars
Specifies whether multiple bars with the same bar end time should be allowed for the system frequency. If set to false, an exception will be thrown if they are encountered.
Public propertyBarCollections Obsolete.
This property is obsolete. Use Bars instead
Public propertyBarFrequency
Gets the primary bar frequency for the system
Public propertyBars
The list of bars for each symbol.
Public propertyBroker
Gets or sets the broker interface associated with this running system.
Public propertyBrokerConnected
Indicates whether the broker service is connected.
Public propertyBuyAndHoldStatistics
Gets an instance of the SystemStatistics class for the Buy and Hold only.
Public propertyBuyAndHoldWeights
The symbol allocation weights to use for the buy and hold statistics.
Public propertyChartObjects
Gets the ChartObjectManager instance for this system.
Public propertyChartPaneCollections
Gets a ChartPaneList.
Public propertyCreateTicksFromBars
Controls whether bars are broken into separate ticks for the Open, Low, High, and Close prices in a simulation.
Public propertyCurrentCapital
Gets the current amount of available capital.
Public propertyCurrentDate
Gets the current date/time for the system.
Public propertyCurrentEquity
Gets the current amount tied up in positions, long and short.
Public propertyCurrentValueLong
Gets the current amount tied up in long positions.
Public propertyCurrentValueShort
Gets the current amount tied up in short positions.
Public propertyCustomString
A user-definable string. Can be used to pass data to the system from the command line or an optimization plugin, or from the trading system to a custom system results plugin.
Public propertyDataConnected
Indicates whether the data service is connected.
Public propertyDataStartDate
Gets the date that the system or simulation began.
Public propertyEnableTradeOnClose
Enables trading on the bar close, via the BarClosing event.
Public propertyEndDate
Gets the end date of this system or simulation.
Public propertyForexRolloverTime
The time of day at which forex positions are rolled over and interest is charged.
Public propertyFrequencyManager
The FrequencyManager instance for the system, which manages bar generation and frequencies
Public propertyIgnoreSystemWarnings
Gets or sets the system warnings flag.
Public propertyIndicatorManager
The indicator manager for the system.
Public propertyIndicators
Gets the instance of the IndicatorCollections associated with this system run.
Public propertyInLeadBars
Indicates whether the system is currently processing lead bars.
Public propertyLiveMode
Indicates if the system is running in live mode.
Public propertyLongStatistics
Gets an instance of the SystemStatistics class for long statistics only.
Public propertyOutput
Gets the OutputManager instance for this system.
Public propertyPositionManager
Gets the PositionManager instance for this system.
Public propertyRunNumber
When running an optimization, the number of the current run within the optimization. Otherwise, zero.
Public propertySeries
Gets the instance of the SeriesManager associated with this system run.
Public propertyShortStatistics
Gets an instance of the SystemStatistics class for short statistics only.
Public propertyStartingCapital
Gets the starting capital amount to be used for trading.
Public propertySymbolBars Obsolete.
This property is obsolete. Use Bars instead
Public propertySymbols
Gets a list of symbols that are associated with this system instance.
Public propertySynchronizationContext
A synchronization context which allows you to run code in the system thread.
Public propertySynchronizeBars
If set to true, empty bars will be created when a symbol does not have any data during a time period that another symbol did have data. This ensures that a given index (look back value) corresponds to the same date/time for all symbols.
Public propertySystemBars Obsolete.
This property is obsolete. Use Bars instead
Public propertySystemHistory
Gets an instance of the BaseSystemHistory class.
Public propertySystemParameters
Gets the optimization parameters collection for this system.
Public propertySystemStarted
Indicates whether the system has started running.
Public propertySystemStatistics
Gets an instance of the SystemStatistics class for both long and short statistics.
Public propertySystemThread
The thread on which the system is running. This can change when the system goes from processing the lead bars to live trading.
Public propertyTradeStartDate
Gets the date that trading starts.
Public propertyTradingSystemProjectPath
The path for the RightEdge project file (.rep) for the currently running system
Public propertyTriggers
Gets the TriggerManager instance associated with this system.
Public propertyUseBrokerAccountBalance
Indicates that in live mode, the system should use account balance reported by the broker, instead of basing the account balance on the starting capital.

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