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Add Reference Dialog

RightEdge fully supports references to .NET assemblies.  RightEdge will build the trading system assembly and "link" to the .NET assemblies shown beneath the References list in the Project tree.  To add a reference, simply right click on the References node of the tree and select Add Reference.


Component List

This is a list of all .NET Framework components available for referencing.




Component Name

Either the full or "friendly" name of the component.


The version number of the component.


The version number of the .NET Framework that the component was created with.


The folder path and filename of the component.

Selected References

Any component that is selected by either clicking the Select button or double clicking the component is added to this list.  Click the Remove button to move a reference back to the Component List.


Not all available .NET assemblies are shown in the Component List.  Use the Browse button to manually add an assembly to the Selected References list.

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