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Bar Data Editor

The Bar Data Editor allows direct modification of the underlying symbol data.  This editor is used when the price data needs to be modified manually for any number of reasons such as a stock split or data that was downloaded and was erroneous from the provider and must be corrected.


This screen is displayed by right clicking on a symbol in the Watchlist pane.  The data appears in the document area.  The sample above shows the bar data displayed in a grid.  The items in the grid can be sorted by clicking the heading portion of the grid.  Dates are entered in a free form manner and are sensitive to locales.

Modifying Bar Data

A Bar menu is added to the main window when the bar data editor is active.  The same menu may also be displayed by right clicking on the bar data editor itself.

Add Bar  Adds a new row to the bottom of the grid.  Fill in the values to complete the addition of the new bar.

Remove Bar  Removes the currently selected bar or bars.

Stock Split  Displays the stock split dialog to split the prices.  The split dialog will prompt for the split date and the split factor.  For example, if IBM was scheduled to split 3 for 2 on January 1st, 2007, the split becomes effective that date.  All data before the split date will have to be adjusted.

Export Bar Data  This provides a way to export the data displayed in the grid.  The data is exported into a tab delimited file using the filename specified.


The data is exported in the following order:

Date  Open  Close  High  Low  Volume  Bid  Ask  Open Interest

The data is always sorted by date regardless of the current sort in the bar data editor grid.

Using the Grid Control

The data above is displayed within a grid control.  The grid control displays data in a series of rows and columns.  The grid control contains two areas, a selection area and the display area.  The selection shows which rows are currently selected and allows the selection to be changed.  There are two ways to change the selection.  The first way is by selecting a row and holding down the Shift key and using the up and down arrows to select rows above or below the current selection.  The second way is by using the mouse to click and drag over the desired rows within the selection area of the grid.

Inserting items can also be accomplished by scrolling to the bottom of the grid and clicking the data area in the star (star) row.  When data editing begins, RightEdge will fill in all fields with default values.

Deleting one or more rows is accomplished by selecting the row or rows as outlined above and hitting the Delete key.  The selected rows will be removed from the data.

Note: Data additions or removals are not committed to the data store until Save is selected.

Each of the columns in the grid can be sorted by clicking their corresponding header.  For example, to sort the data in the grid by the opening price, click the column labeled Open.  An arrow will be drawn within the header to indicate the direction of the current sort.  Click the header again to invert the sort.

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