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Fibonacci Cycle Line

Creates a Fibonacci cycle line.  Similar to the equal cycle line except for the fact that the lines are drawn using Fibonacci values instead of equal numbers.

To draw a Fibonacci cycle line, select the object from the Chart Objects Pane and drop it on to an open chart.


There are appearance aspects of this object that can be changed in the Properties Pane.

Color  Changes the color of the object.

Smoothing Mode  Sets the drawing type of this object.  Default draws a normal line.  Anti-alias draws a smoother line at the expense of drawing performance.

Width  This sets the size of the pen used to draw the outline of this object.  A larger number indicates a thicker line.

Line Alignment  Specifies the alignment of the cycle lines in relation to the chart edges.

Line Text  Specifies the format of the line number text.  If Show Text is set to False, this setting is ignored.

Max Lines  Sets the maximum number of cycle lines to be drawn.

Show Text  Set this to True to show the cycle line text.  False to hide the text.

Text Alignment  The alignment of the text relative to the cycle line.

Text Color  The color of the cycle line text.

Text Font  The font used to draw the cycle line text.


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