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Configuring Services

A service is a type of plugin that may supporting retrieving realtime data, retrieving historical data, or connecting to a broker.  Services are associated with symbols in the Watchlist pane.  You can set up a hierarchical folder structure and have child folders inherit settings from their parents (or override those settings).

Simply put, this is how to retrieve and act on data.

RightEdge provides a simple, yet robust means of organizing not only data, but the means in which data is acted upon.  Services are configured at a global level, yet they are assigned at a group level and can be optionally inherited down the tree.

First, the services must be configured.

Select the Configure Services... menu item from Tools menu.


RightEdge comes default with a predefined service for Yahoo and it is named "Historical".  The Service Setup list will show the capabilities of a configured server.  Since some plugins support more than one piece of functionality, this is the place to determine the available functionality for each plugin and whether or not it is currently configured to use.

In this case, the Yahoo service has the ability to retrieve historical data.  It does not have the ability to retrieve live data, nor does it provide broker services.

To add a new service, click the New... button.  A wizard prompting for information that this service needs will follow.  Upon the completion of the wizard steps, the service will appear in the list.

Assigning Services

Setting up a service is the first step in realizing the functionality of the service.  The next step is to assign this service to a group of symbols.


RightEdge ships with a couple of default folders already configured.  The two symbol folders are the Nasdaq 100 and Dow 30.  Right click on the top level node or any folder underneath and select Configure Folder...



The Dow 30 folder contains the list of symbols that are contained within this folder.  Folders can contain any number of symbols, the only requirement is that they're all the same frequency (i.e. daily, weekly, 5 minutes, 1 minute, etc).  This is set (or inherited) in the General tab.

Items added or removed from Symbols field with be added or removed from the folder and subsequently the user interface.

Click the Services tab to assign a service to this folder.


As previously mentioned, RightEdge ships with a predefined historical data plugin for Yahoo.  This service is configured with the name "Historical".  "Historical" shows up in the list and is currently assigned to the Dow 30 folder.  For the case of historical data plugins, it is possible to set a start date at which historical data is retrieved.  For example, GE contains nearly 50 years of historical data on Yahoo.  It may not be necessary to retrieve this much data.  Select the Data Download Start Date to limit this data collection.

Broker and real time data services will also be assigned here.


For software developers interested in developing service plugins, please visit the Service & Plugin Overview section.

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