RightEdge - The Ultimate Backtesting and Trading System Development Platform

Data Store Development

RightEdge ships with a number of data storage mechanisms, known as data stores.  Data stores are simply where RightEdge reads and writes tick and bar data.  For each different type of data store there are trade offs.  For example, the SQL Server data store requires extra setup steps and requires more system resources than the binary data store.  One of the shining benefits of the SQL Server data store is that all data stored by RightEdge is accessible through SQL which is well known and well documented.  SQL Server can also be extended by the end user to manipulate data using triggers, stored procedures and other features of a world class database.

While this flexibility is powerful, the ultimate power and flexibility can be derived from implementing a data store plugin.  As the name implies, this plugs directly into RightEdge.  RightEdge will call the data store directly.

Data Store Interfaces

To implement a data store