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Indicator Parameters

The Indicator Parameters dialog is displayed when an indicator is dropped onto a chart from the indicator pane.

The sample below shows the Indicator Parameter dialog as it would be if a lower Bollinger Band indicator was dropped onto a chart.

Note:  The parameters portion of this dialog is dynamic.  Different indicators require different parameters so the fields in this dialog may vary from indicator to indicator.


Series Name  This is the text that will be displayed in the chart across the top.  This is also the name of the series as it is referenced within a trading system.  These names must be unique.

Line Color  This specifies the color of the line when it is drawn on the chart.

Line Style  Valid values are sold, dashed and dots.

Line Size  Specifies the number of pixels used to draw the line.  A larger line size indicates a thicker line.

Chart Pane  This list shows the available chart panes on the existing chart.  This field allows any value to be typed.  If the pane does not exist, it will be created.

Parameters  As noted, these are dynamic and vary from indicator to indicator.  However, an indicator will typically require an input source.  The input source is built from available bar elements such as open, high, low or close.


Indicator Chaining

The Parameters list also facilitates a powerful feature known as indicator chaining.  Indicators that can support chaining will also be displayed in the parameter list.  As an example, if the above displayed lower Bollinger Band indicator was dropped on the chart, then a Simple Moving Average indicator was dropped, the parameters would contain the Bollinger Band.  The Simple Moving Average parameter becomes the Bollinger Band and the plotted series would be the SMA of the Bollinger Band.

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