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Viewing Live Charts

This help topic provides guidance on opening charts containing indicators and chart objects are being generated during the collection of live data or while a live system is running.

To see charts with indicators and chart objects that are being created by a currently running live system you should not open them from the watchlist. Opening a chart by double clicking on the symbol from the watchlist will always open a raw chart, showing only bar data. We do this for a few reasons.

It is good to have a place where you can always get a clear, uncluttered, view of the bar data for a symbol.
Since RightEdge allows multiple sets of symbol results to be open at one time and there are we’d have no easy way to know which set of system results to use to plot indicators and chart object.

When you start a live system the Live Data window will be populated with a list of all symbols for which data is being collected. Double clicking on any of these symbols will bring a live chart.


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