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Managing Frequencies

A trading system can run at one or more different frequencies.  A frequency is simply some unit used to form a bar of data.  Typically a period of time comprises a frequency.  1 minute, 5 minute, 60 minute, or daily are some typical frequencies that trading systems are developed to run under.  In addition to time based frequencies, frequencies can also be based on ticks, volume, astrological alignments and anything else that can be measured.


RightEdge ships with three frequency plugins.  Time, tick and constant volume plugins.


The Saved Frequencies tab is a central place to manage and configure frequencies that will be available to trading systems.




The Add, Edit and Delete buttons allow control over which frequencies are available to trading systems.  Changes are saved in real time.


Click and hold the left mouse button on an item in the list and drag to move that frequency item to a different location in the list.


Note: To select a frequency for a trading system, select the Frequency section under the General subheading in the Trading System Properties pane.


Note: As stated above, these frequency generators are plugins which allows anyone to write a custom frequency plugin for use in a trading system.


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