RightEdge - The Ultimate Backtesting and Trading System Development Platform

Manual or Discretionary Trading

Most of the time it is desirable to have your system do all of the trading for you.  In rare cases, however, it may be necessary to place opening orders, close existing positions or cancel existing orders.  For this purpose, RightEdge provides some basic discretionary trading features while a live system is running.


The discretionary features can be found in the "Live Options" toolbar.




These items are available when a live system is currently running and accepting trades.  Submitting a new order is always available.  When this button is clicked, the Submit Order screen is presented which accepts the parameters to open a new position.  For more information please see the Submit Order help topic.


Cancel Order is enabled when an existing order is selected in the Pending Orders grid in the Live System pane.  The currently selected order will have a cancel request submitted to the broker when clicked.


Close Position is enabled when an existing position is selected from the Open Positions tab in the Live System pane.  An order will be sent to the broker to close the currently selected position in its entirety.


Note: These orders are routed directly to broker that is associated with the running trading system.  All orders will be submitted immediately.  Use with great caution and care.


Note: These items are also accessible by right clicking within the corresponding tabs in the Live System pane.