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Optimization Dialog

Optimization is used to test a system with certain variables changed across simulation runs. To run optimization, open or create a trading system. Use the System Parameters in the Properties pane to create parameters used for optimization. For more information, see the Optimization Overview topic.

Once the optimization parameters are set, select Optimize System from the System menu.


Optimization Parameters

This is a list of the parameters set for this system.  The values can be set by double clicking the value.  Set the value by clicking anywhere outside of that value's space.

Low Value

Each system is run starting from the lowest value.  Specify this value for each parameter.

High Value

Optimization stops once the highest value is reached.  Specify this value for each parameter.

Step Size

This is the increment size for each optimization value.  For example, if the low value is 1 and the high value is 11 with a step size of 2, the system will be run a total of six times.

Number of Steps

This is a calculated value based on all previous entries.  This is the number of times the system will be run for this optimization run.

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