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Optimization Overview

Optimization is used to test a system with certain variables changed across simulation runs. Running the system with variable parameters or optimization parameters allows the system developer to determine which values result in the most favorable system performance.

Any value in the system can be used as an optimization value.  Technical indicators are usually the first candidates since many accept a number of numeric inputs. Other items such as profit targets and stop loss values are also viable candidates.

To begin using optimization in RightEdge, a trading system must be open.  In the Project Properties, locate the System Parameters property.


RightEdge supports any number of parameters in this list.  Each value is treated as a type of double.  Click the Add button to add a new empty parameter.  Use the property grid on the right to name this parameter and assign a default value.

Referencing Parameters

Once optimization parameters have been added to the project, they may be referenced in code.  Using the above parameter, stochBuyValue, we will only perform a buy if the StochK indicator is below our optimization parameter.



if (stochKValue < SystemParameters["stochBuyValue"])


    // Perform buy here.


Visual Basic

If (stochKValue < SystemParameters.Item("stochBuyValue")) Then

    ' Perform buy here.

End If

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