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You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The Chart options contain a number of settings that pertain to the price charts in RightEdge.

Chart Style  Specify the display style of price data.  Available options are candlestick, stick (also referred to as OHLC charts) or line charts.

Default Bars per Page  Specifies the default number of price points that are displayed on a chart.

Chart Scale  Specifies the default scale for the chart.  A normal chart indicates that all vertical price points are represented equally.  A logarithmic scale skews the vertical points so that a given distance always represents the same percentage change in price.

Decimal Places  Specifies the number of points values on the chart are carried out to.

Show Crosshairs  Check this field to show crosshairs on the chart.  Crosshairs are drawn immediately underneath the current mouse position.  Horizontal and vertical lines will extend to their respective axis point.

Show Horizontal Grid  When checked, horizontal grid lines will be drawn along each tick.

Show Vertical Grid  When checked, vertical grid lines will be drawn along each tick.

Show Crosshair Label  Check this field to display labels at the horizontal and vertical ends of the crosshair.  The horizontal and vertical lines that extend from the crosshairs will end at the horizontal and vertical axis points and display the current values for their respective axis.

Date/Time on All Panes  If this field is checked, the date and time that runs along the horizontal axis will be displayed on each pane.  If this is is unchecked, the date and time will only be displayed on the bottom most pane.

Chart Font  Click this button to set a default font for text items in the chart.  Items such as price data, indicator data and date time data will use this font when the chart is drawn.

Show Position Labels  Position labels are drawn on the chart when positions are opened or closed.  A trading system that has a high number of trades may cause the labels clutter the chart.  The labels, in that case, can be turned off.  In most cases and by default, the labels are turned on.  To information regarding controlling the colors of the position labels, please see the Configure Position Labels topic.

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