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You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The Editor options contain a number of settings that pertain to the editor window appearance as well as the look and feel.

Font Specify the font that the text contained within the editor window will be displayed in.

Font Size  Indicate the size for the font specified above.

Indent Type  The default is smart indent.  Smart indention sets the editor to perform indention where it is typically desired in source code.  For example, if a branch statement is performed such as an "if" statement, the lines that follow the true branch of this "if" statement will typically be followed by a "{" in C# or a "Then" in Visual Basic.NET.  The editor will automatically perform this indention.  Uncheck this setting to perform the indention manually.

Bracket Highlighting When bracket highlighting is enabled, and the editor cursor is over a bracket, the corresponding bracket in the editor will be highlighted.

Show Whitespace  When enabled, this option will represent the whitespace in the editor with a ".".

Virtual Space  Turn this setting on to allow the cursor to exist at any column within the editor.  With this disabled, the cursor will always revert to the end of the line if the previous line's length is greater than the current line's length.

Convert Tabs to Spaces  When enabled, this setting will convert all tab characters to the appropriate number of spaces before saving the file.

Show Indention Guides  When enabled, will draw a faint vertical line along each tab or indention boundary.

Show Line Numbers  When enabled, creates an area to the far left of the editor window which will contain the line numbers.

Tab Size  Specifies the number of character spaces that are inserted when the tab key is pressed.

Colors  Configure the colors for various items within the editor.  Refer to the Editor Colors section for additional information.

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