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You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The General options contain a number of settings that are global in nature to RightEdge.

Available Data Stores Displays the currently installed data stores.  RightEdge is configured to use a local data store, that is, all bar and tick data is saved to the local hard disk.  Other data stores include stores that will allow data to be saved to a database or XML file.

If a data store requires additional information to function properly, the Setup... button immediately to the right of the list of data stores will enable.  The setup for the various data stores will vary.

Note: Changing a data store can have serious implications including loss of data.  Please thoroughly understand the changes that will be made before committing them.

Account Currency The currency type of available cash with the broker.  The account currency can be set to any of the supported types and trades may be made in a different currency.  RightEdge will perform the currency conversion back to your account currency.  Note: Historical currency data will have to be available for this conversion to work.

Apply Interest to open Forex Positions A Forex position is essentially being long one currency (the base currency) and short another currency (the counter currency).  The interest rates may vary between currency, and brokers may pay interest on the base currency and charge interest on the counter currency for open Forex positions.  This option specifies whether or not to debit or credit interest from open Forex positions.

Forex Rollover Time  The time of day that a spot forex position is rolled over by the broker.   This is typically the time of day where interest is either debited or credited from your open positions.

Close Data Download window on successful download  Indicates if the progress window that is displayed while downloading historical data should be closed upon a successful download.  If unchecked, the data download dialog will not automatically dismiss itself.  Regardless of this setting, the data download dialog will remain active if an error is encountered during the retrieval process.

Warn about bar data gaps when running system  Before backtesting, RightEdge loads all the bar data that will be used in the backtest.  Before passing the data into the system, the data is synchronized.  If a bar exists for one symbol and not another, selecting this option will warn of this encounter.  This will not prevent the simulation from continuing, but is used as a means of ensuring data integrity.

Movable Position Labels RightEdge will generate position labels within a chart.  Check this option to enable the ability to move these labels by clicking and dragging them.   Uncheck this option to have label stay in place.

Minimum Backfill  Specifies the minimum number of days a backfill of historical data will retrieve.

Recent Project List Size This number specifies the number of projects that will be displayed in the "most recently used" list.  This is located off of the File menu under Recent Projects.

Remember Last Open Project  If selected, the last trading system that was opened when RightEdge was closed, will be re-opened upon the next run.

Show Start Page  Indicates whether or not to display the start page automatically on program start.

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