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Live Systems

You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The Live Systems options contain a number of settings that pertain to the startup and behavior of live trading systems in RightEdge.

Saved Open Positions RightEdge will remember the positions that it opened during a live system run.  Upon exiting a system, these positions will be saved for recall when the system is run again.  The options below will tell RightEdge how to handle these positions when a live system is restarted and open positions were recorded.

Prompt user to select which positions are still open  A screen is displayed with a list of the open positions.  Select the positions to move as open in the current system run.

Ignore open positions  This will bypass the screen and assume no positions are to be carried forward.

Automatically accept saved open positions  This option bypasses the prompt screen and assumes all positions are to be carried forward into the new system instance. Use this with caution.

Auto Reconnect on Error Enable this option to have both the real time data and broker plugins reconnect if an error occurs.  A notification will be sent to the output pane upon disconnection and a successful reconnection.


Note: The plugins will reconnect indiscriminately.  Enable this with caution.

Ignore system generated warnings RightEdge will provide warnings when certain certain conditions look suspect.  These warnings are placed in the Output pane.  Sometimes these warnings are acceptable and may be ignored.  With this option enabled, RightEdge will not generate live system warnings.

Use Broker Buying Power Depending on the capabilities of the broker and/or broker plugin, RightEdge may have the ability to use the buying power as given by the broker.  If using the real broker buying power is not desired, uncheck this option to use the starting capital figure specified as the buying power.

Warn before executing live systems RightEdge can provide live trade executions against real brokers.  If system code doesn't run as expected or the system was not intended to run against a live broker, this can present substantial risk.  This warning will be displayed before the live system executes against a live broker to prevent inadvertent system starts with live brokers attached.

Run full simulation before starting live system  If selected, RightEdge will run a simulation first before going into live mode.  Depending on your system parameters, this may take some time.  However, all simulated positions that were generated will be shown on the live system, but no orders for the simulated trades will be placed with a live broker.

Ignore Data Outside of Exchange Hours

It may be desirable to begin running a live system before the official opening of the exchange.  However, before and after market data can tick and will be passed along to the live trading system.  In cases where this is not desired, enable this option and set the exchange hours.  Any data that is received outside of these hours will be displayed be shown on the live data window and will be collected by the data store, but will not be passed along to the live system itself.

Maximum Live Data Backlog (seconds) Sets the number of seconds that live data processing can lag behind live data collection before data will be discarded in an attempt to catch up. See also Discarding Live Data

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