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RightEdge Program Options

RightEdge comes with a number of program level options.  These options are available to customize your RightEdge experience.  To select the options, click the Options item from the Tools menu.

The Options dialog contains the following tabs.

Chart Colors  Used to configure the colors of the various items on the candlestick or bar charts.

Chart Options  Configure the various visual aspects of the chart such as chart style, scale, bars per page.

Editor Options  Configures the source code editor options such as font, colors, tab size, etc.

General Options  Configures global options for RightEdge.  Items such as data store, currency, etc.

Live Options  Options specific to running live systems.  Items such as position management, broker interfaces, etc.

Research Options  Configures settings that aid in quickly determining relevant information about a particular symbol.

Risk Assessment Contains settings that allow hiding and revealing certain risk assessment calculations performed after a simulation run.

System Results Options  Settings for the customizing the System Results screen

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