RightEdge - The Ultimate Backtesting and Trading System Development Platform


You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The Research options contain settings that aid in quickly determining relevant information about a particular symbol.  When items are setup for research, the context menu in the Watchlist will be populated at the symbol level.

For example, if a symbol is generating a buy or a sell or just simply moving unexpectedly, items such as news or company fundamentals can be brought up in a timely manner.

Research Item Type  RightEdge comes configured with four research items, News, Quote, Chart, Other (user defined).  Select the item from the list to be configured.

Site Parameters  Enter a web address (URL) that will be navigated to when this research item is selected.

Replaceable Parameters

Replaceable parameters are the heart of this piece of functionality.  RightEdge acknowledges four different types of parameters.

%s will insert the ticker symbol for the symbol selected for research.
%c will insert the company name (if configured) selected for research.
%i will insert the industry field (if configured) selected for research.
%f will insert the sector (if configured) selected for research.

See the Symbol Information section for more information about setting these items in the symbol information.

For example, to configure a news item to visit the Yahoo Company Headlines for the selected symbol, set the URL to http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=%s.  If the selected symbol is Microsoft, the URL would become http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=MSFT and the appropriate page would be displayed.