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You can specify settings for a variety of RightEdge features by changing options in the Options dialog box.

The Risk Assessment options contain settings that allow hiding and revealing certain risk assessment calculation performed after a simulation run.

Since different risk assessment calculations are of different value to different people in different situations, this list allows you to turn risk assessment calculations on and off.  Some risk assessment calculations are expensive with regard to calculation time.  Use the Portfolio Risk Assessment Plugins list to select the desired calculations.

RightEdge ships with the list of risk assessment plugins below.

Third Party Risk Assessment Plugins

RightEdge supports the use of risk assessment plugins written by third parties.  You may even create your own risk assessment plugin.  Place any additional risk assessment plugins in the application's plugin directory and they will be displayed in the list.

Consult the RightEdge Developer's Guide for additional information regarding development of third party risk assessment plugins.

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