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System Results are external plugins that are loaded by RightEdge after a run has completed.  RightEdge contains a number of system results plugins out of the box.  Much like the risk assessment tab, certain plugins are of different value in different situations.  RightEdge allows the user complete control of which plugins are shown by default.  In addition to this, result plugins may be toggled on the fly via the View menu.

Since these are fully external, utility developers are welcomed to develop their own system result plugins.  Please refer to the developer documentation as well as the sample code that is installed for additional information.

To distribute a system result plugin, simply install or copy the assembly that contains the plugin into the RightEdge plugin directory.  RightEdge will automatically detect it as a system results plugin and display it to the end user.

System Results Charts  Place a check next to each chart name to have it displayed by default after a simulation has completed.

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