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Build Output Pane

The build output pane displays the status of a system build.  RightEdge contains a built in C# and Visual Basic.NET compiler.  If a system is programmed in these languages, the results of the compilation are displayed in this pane.


The illustration above shows a system that contains compiler errors.  These errors must be addressed before a live system or backtest can continue.  The build output pane will also display compiler warnings that do not have to be addressed before the system is executed.

Type  Contains the message type.  An error is critical, a warning indicates that it's a good idea to address before continuing.

Description  Contains verbose information about the line item.

File  Contains the fully qualified filename where the error resides.

Line  Indicates the line number that the error or warning has been detected.

Double clicking on the line item will open the source file if it is not already opened.  The line number displayed will also be scrolled into view.


Note: This pane is strictly for trading system developers who are writing source code and not applicable to drag and drop systems.

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