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Chart Objects Pane

The chart objects pane (shown below) contains all of the chart objects that are available in RightEdge.



The chart objects are broken down by groups.  The groups are Basic Shapes, Lines, Channels, Spirals, Fans, Text and images.  If the break down is not required, the All Chart Objects heading displays the entire list without categorization.

Like indicators, chart objects are dragged and dropped onto an open chart in the document area.  Chart objects are different from indicators in that they are free form.  To compare, an indicator can have different parameters changed and draw to reflect the new parameters.  There is no additional control at that by the end user at that point.  By contrast, chart objects can be manipulated once drawn on the chart.

Manipulating Chart Objects

If a line object is placed on the chart, the line points are determined by the end user and not any pre-defined algorithm.  Once the initial line points are determined, they can be changed at any time by selecting the line object using the left mouse button.  To select an object to move it, click anywhere inside the outer points of the object.  Keep the mouse button down and drag the object to its desired location.  To change the starting and ending points of the chart object, select the outermost areas of the object.

The illustration below shows a selected line object on a chart.


If either of the green squares are clicked, the object's size and points can be manipulated.

Visual properties of the chart object are dynamic in nature.  Properties that apply to the selected chart object will be displayed in the Properties pane.  Items such as size, color and drawing mode are common among all chart objects.

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