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Indicator Pane

The indicator pane (shown below) contains all of the technical indicators that are available in RightEdge.


The indicators are broken down by groups.  The default groups are Momentum, Trend, Volatility, Volume and Other.  The Other group is a catch all that contains indicators such as Add, Subtract, Divide and Shift.  While not actually indicators, these simple operations are commonly performed on true indicators.

The indicator pane serves as the master list of indicators.  Indicator items in this list can be moved or assigned to different areas of the program.  For example, if a chart is displayed in the document area, indicators can be dragged and dropped onto the chart.  When an indicator is dropped onto the chart, a dialog is displayed prompting for the parameters for the indicator as well as visual settings.  The example shown below is the result of a lower Bollinger Band indicator being dropped onto a chart.


Please see Indicator Parameters for further details about this dialog.

Once an indicator is dropped onto the chart, the indicator and visual settings can be manipulated in real time using the Properties pane.


Indicator Plugins

RightEdge supports the use of indicator plugins written by third parties.  You may even create your own indicator plugin.  The plugin will be displayed in the list along with native RightEdge indicators.

Consult the RightEdge Developer's Guide for additional information regarding development of third party indicator plugins.

Finally, once indicators are placed on the chart and the desired parameters are set, charts can be saved with the indicators configured so that they may be restored at a later time.  See the Saving Charts topic for more information.

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