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Output Pane

The Output pane displays messages that were generated by the system.  Typically these messages are generated by the system author, however, there are some occasions where RightEdge may display information that is not critical to the system executing, but does require notification.


The illustration above shows a system that has items submitted to the output window.

Severity  Contains the severity assigned to the message.



Informational severity typically indicates that no action is required.



A warning severity level typically indicates that no action is required at this time, but some action may be required to correct the problem encountered in the future.



An error severity level typically indicates that a problem was encountered that could not be corrected or requires immediate correction from the operator.

Message  Contains verbose information about the line item.

Symbol  An optional field that relates the symbol to the message displayed.

Module  An optional field that relates a module (trading system) to the message displayed.

Time  The actual date and time that the message was placed into the output pane.


Note: Items in this list can be sorted by clicking on the column header.

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