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Properties Pane

The properties pane is a dynamic pane the reflects configurable items for the currently selected object.  Many objects in the RightEdge environment are configurable at run time.  For example, if a trading system is open, the trading system properties are displayed in the properties pane when the top level item is selected.  References and individual files also have configurable properties when selected.

The example below shows the properties of an indicator when it is selected on the chart or within the system properties.


The controls for the properties are created with the appropriate type.  For example, a configurable color will produce a color drop down.  A field that requires a number will disallow non-numeric characters.  If an invalid property is set, an error (shown below) is displayed.


The value will then revert back to the last known good value.

Each object in RightEdge that supports properties will contain additional information on properties specific to that object.

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