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Trading System Pane

The Trading System pane contains an open trading system project.  RightEdge can do some basic things functions such as collect historical, display charts and indicators, but a trading system is what truly exposes the power in RightEdge.  There are two ways to begin working with a trading system.  To create a new trading system select New from the File menu and click the Trading System... menu item.  See the New Trading System topic for more information about the fields in this dialog.  The second option is to open an existing trading system.  Select Open Trading System from the File menu and select a RightEdge project file.

Note: RightEdge project files have a .rep file extension.

Once a trading system is opened, the trading system pane is populated as shown below.


Working With an Open Trading System

When the Project node (the topmost level tree item) is selected, project properties are displayed in the properties pane.  The properties grid contains all of the project properties.  See the Trading System Properties and Project Properties dialog for further information.

The References node contains all of the external assemblies that are referenced in this project.

The Indicators node contains all of the indicators that are associated with the project.  Indicator items can be dragged from the Indicator Pane and dropped onto the Indicators node.  When indicators are selected on this node, properties for the indicators are displayed in the Properties pane.

The remaining items in the project are the files used to build the trading system.  In the case of drag and drop systems or a trading system that has been previously exported, there may be nothing of consequence here.  When source files do exist, double click on the file to open the file.  It will be displayed in the document area.

Each item in the project tree contains a context menu.  For example, right clicking on a source file gives relevant options such as Copy, Delete, Rename, etc.  References and Indicators are only given the Remove option which removes them from the project (and does not permanently delete them).

Running the Trading System

Once a trading system is created or opened, an additional menu is created within RightEdge.  This top level menu item is titled "Build".

Compile  If the project contains source files, this will invoke the appropriate compiler to find and report any source code errors.  The compilation status is reported in the Build Output Pane.

Run Backtest  This will compile the trading system and run a backtest or simulation with the currently selected symbols.

Run Live  This will compile the trading system and begin running it against live data.  If live data is not started, it will be started automatically.

Stop Live  This item is enabled when a system is running live.  This will stop the system and live data.

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