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RightEdge fully supports references to .NET assemblies.  Assemblies are the fundamental unit of deployment, version control, reuse, activation scoping, and security permissions for a .NET-based application.  Assemblies can either be an executable (.exe) file or dynamic link library (.dll) file, and are the building blocks of the .NET Framework.

To use an assembly, you must add a reference to it within the RightEdge project.  Once an assembly is referenced and imported, all the accessible classes, properties, methods, and other members of its namespaces are available to your application as if their code were part of your source file.

To gain access to the assembly's classes, properties or methods, it is necessary to use the Imports statement in Visual Basic.NET or the using statement in C#.  RightEdge takes advantage of this powerful in each trading system.  A newly created trading system will already reference the Common and Indicators assemblies.  Below is the relevant code to demonstrate gaining access to an imported assembly.



using RightEdge.Common;

using RightEdge.Indicators;

Visual Basic

Imports RightEdge.Common

Imports RightEdge.Indicators

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