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RightEdge Panes

A pane within RightEdge is a place for real time feedback for a number of core pieces of functionality.  Panes are docked all along the main RightEdge application window.  They can be moved, docked to the top, bottom, right and left of the main application window, hidden from and displayed on demand.

The Build Output pane shown below is an example of a pane in RightEdge.  This pane in particular is relevant to system developers who are analyzing the output of a compiled trading system.  For those who do not write code, this pane may serve no purpose and can be hidden.


To hide a pane, click the (X) button in the upper right hand corner of the pane.  At this point, the pane is completely hidden from display.  To show the pane again, simply select the pane name from the View menu.

Panes can be "auto hidden", in other words, the pane can be minimized from site and is only brought to the foreground display when an action occurs within the pane or the mouse is hovered over the pane's tab.  When an action occurs, the pane is restored to its previous height and width automatically.  To auto hide a pane, click on the pin pin button.  To force the pane to be pinned or always shown, click the pin button again.

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