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Run Backtest/Simulation

This help topic provides a very high level overview of back testing within RightEdge.

Open a trading system using the Open Trading System... option from the File menu.  If you do not have a trading system, see the Create New Trading System topic.  You can also download existing trading systems from the RightEdge website.

Once a trading system is opened, select the symbols on the Watchlist pane to run this system against.  If you have not configured a watchlist, see the Setup a Watchlist section before continuing.

Now that the symbols are selected, select Run Backtest from the System menu.  If there are no errors in the system, the simulation will complete and the system results screen is displayed.

For details on reviewing and interpreting the system results screen, see the Analyzing System Results section.

For details on running a system with optimization parameters, see the Optimization Overview section.

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