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Saved Charts

RightEdge has the ability to save charts for later application.  More specifically, it saves the chart's indicators and the associated indicator values so that they can be applied to another chart.

Creating Saved Charts

To save a chart in RightEdge, begin by opening a chart from Watchlist pane.  Drag and drop the desired indicators onto the chart and set the desired parameters.  Once the chart is set up, right click on the chart itself and select the Save Chart Settings... menu item.  The Save Chart Settings will dialog will prompt for a name for this saved chart.  This name is defined by the end user, but must be unique.


This saved chart has now been saved.  To recall a saved chart, right click on any symbol in the Watchlist pane as shown below.


Select Quick Chart (With Chart Settings) and notice that the chart settings that were just saved appear in this list.  The number of chart settings that can be saved is unlimited.

If a chart is already opened in the document area, saved chart settings can be applied to that chart by right clicking on the chart and selecting the desired saved chart name from the Apply Chart Settings menu item.

Managing Saved Charts

Right click on an open chart and if there are any saved charts, the Manage Chart Settings... menu item is available.  Click this menu item to display the Chart Settings dialog.

For detailed information about the Chart Settings dialog see the Chart Settings section.

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