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Capturing Live Data

This help topic provides a very high level overview of back testing within RightEdge.  It is assumed that you have already configured a live data service and a Watchlist.  If not, please follow the links below.

Configuring Services

Setup a WatchList

Select the symbols on the Watchlist pane to begin collecting data for.  If you have not configured a watchlist, see the Setup a Watchlist section before continuing.

Now that the symbols are selected, select Start Data Feed button from Live Options toolbar.  If there are no errors starting the collection, live data will be shown in the Live Data pane.

Once live data is started it can be stopped by the stop button on the live options toolbar or by stopping a currently running system.

Note: Open a live chart based on the collected data by double clicking any symbol in the live data list.

If you encounter any errors starting live data collection, refer to the Configuring Services section of the help to ensure that a live data provider is properly configured.

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