RightEdge - The Ultimate Backtesting and Trading System Development Platform

Submit Order Screen

This screen is presented as a function of discretionary trading.  It allows you to place orders that are outside of the currently active trading system.


Note: These orders are routed directly to broker that is associated with the running trading system.  All orders will be submitted immediately.  Use with great caution and care.


Symbol  Select the symbol to place the trade against.  Only symbols that exist within the trading system are accessible here.


Order Type  Select from the supported order types in RightEdge.  For more information on the supported order types, please refer to the RightEdge Supported Order Types topic.


Bars In Force Specifies the number of bars that this order will be active for.  For example, in a one-minute frequency system, a value of 10 would allow the order to exist for 10 bars before RightEdge submits a request to the broker to cancel this order.  Set this to -1 for a good-til-cancelled (GTC) order.


Position Type  Specifies whether this new position will be long or short.


Price  In the case of orders that are not market orders, price will be enabled to accept the price of the limit type order.


Quantity  The number of shares or contracts to be bought or sold.