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Symbol Folder Settings

The Symbol Folder Settings dialog is used to manage a symbol list within a folder contained in the Watchlist Pane.  This dialog is used to add and remove symbols from the folder as well as assign services to this folder.

General Tab

The General Tab contains options related to the symbols contained within this folder.



Folder Name  This is the name that is displayed in the Watchlist tree for this particular folder.

Bar Frequency  Set the frequency that this data is updated.  Each folder and symbols contained within can only have one frequency.  Setup additional folders for different frequencies.


Services Tab

The Services Tab contains options related to data retrieval and broker setup for the symbols in this folder.



Historical Data Service  Any services that are configured to support historical data are displayed in this list.  If a service is selected, this service is used when a request for retrieving historical data is made.

Data Download Start Date  Some historical data services may provide too much data.  Use this option to set a cut off date for retrieval.

Broker Service  Any broker services that are available will be displayed in this dropdown list.  When this group of symbols is run against a live system, the selected broker will be used to open and close positions as the system dictates.

Realtime Data Services  Any realtime data services that are available will be displayed in this dropdown list.  When this group of symbols is run against a live system, RightEdge will begin retrieving realtime data from this provider.

Save Tick Data  RightEdge has the ability to store tick data that is received from the real time data provider.  Select Yes to save tick data to the configured data store.

Save Aggregated Bars  If set to Yes, RightEdge will aggregate the tick data into bar data of the specified frequency as set in the Bar Data Frequency heading on the General tab.


Note: Saving tick data can be an expensive task from a system resource perspective.  It is not recommended that tick data be saved unless the hardware that RightEdge is running on is equipped to deal with the additional load.  Saving aggregated bars may be a more desirable choice.

Build Price From  In some cases, especially with spot forex, a last sold price is never printed, only a bid and an ask.  Use this setting to specify which element of the tick will be considered the last price.

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