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Project Properties

Selecting the Properties menu item when right clicking on the project node in the Trading System pane brings up the properties dialog for this system.


The compiler tab contains options that are relevant to the compiler.  These are options that are passed to the compiler immediately before the compilation process.


Target Framework Version

Select which version of the .NET Framework that this trading system should be compiled with.  It is highly unlikely that this will ever have to be changed.

Warning Level  Valid settings are level 0 through 4.

Warning Level



Turn off all warning messages.


Only display warning messages that are considered severe.


Displays all severe plus selected "less than severe" warnings.


Displays all level 2 warnings plus all warnings that are considered more severe than "informational".


Displays all warnings including those that are informational.

Treat Warnings as Errors  By default, only errors can halt the compile and run process.  If this is set, warnings will also halt the process.

Generate Debug Info  If checked, this option causes the compiler to generate debugging information and place it in the output file.


Note:  Generating debug information may have some impact on execution speed.

XML Documentation File  If specified, XML documentation will be derived from the comments in the source files.  See Using XML Comments for Documentation for more information.


The following class settings are recommended for advanced users only.

System Class  This specifies the name of the System class that RightEdge will instantiate when your system assembly is loaded.

Symbol Script Class This specifies the name of the SymbolScript class that RightEdge will instantiate when your system system assembly is load.

Custom System Base Class  Allows you to insert your own custom system class in between the base system and the actual system class.

Custom Script Base Class  Allows you to insert your own custom script class in between the base SymbolScript and the actual SymbolScript class.


The simulation tab contains options that are relevant to running a system against historical data, or "backtesting".


Save Optimization Results  For every optimization run, the run data in its entirety is saved to disk for later retrieval.  In situations where the number of runs are large, this may not make practical sense.  If optimization results are not saved, only summary data for the optimization run will be available.  Any attempt to drill down from the optimization summary screen will result in an error.

You may now load these optimization results files for later use.  Simply use the Open System Results... menu option on the File menu.


NOTE: Optimization results files will not be compatible between different builds of RightEdge.  This is meant for gathering temporary run information.


Analyze High Before Low  Typically in a simulation, tick data or lower level data may not be available.  Without that data is impossible to know in which order the high or low of the period was hit. RightEdge defaults to processing the low tick first.  Place a check next to this option to reverse that behavior.


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