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Debug RightEdge Trading Systems With Visual Studio

RightEdge provides access to industry standard languages.  While the RightEdge IDE can be used to perform basic trading system development, you may also use industry standard tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio to create, build and debug trading systems for use with RightEdge.


RightEdge strategies are compiled to standard .NET assemblies (DLLs).  There are a number of ways to begin debugging using Visual Studio.  If the trading system is already running, you can load up Visual Studio and use the "Attach To Process" option.  This option is located under the Debug menu.  A project must already be loaded.


Note: If you're using the Express editions of Visual Studio, the "Attach To Process" option is not available.


You may also create a project from the RightEdge IDE.  To do this, load your trading system in RightEdge.  Under the System menu select Visual Studio, Create VS Project.  The name of your system with the appropriate Visual Studio project extension will be placed in your trading system's folder.  You can open this project using Visual Studio.


To begin debugging, follow these steps.


1. If RightEdge is open, close RightEdge.

2. Open Visual Studio and open the trading system project.

3. Right click on your project in Visual Studio and select Properties.

4. Click the Debug tab.

5. Under Start Action, select Start External Program and navigate to the RightEdge executable.

6. Open your trading system file in Visual Studio and set your desired breakpoints.

7. Hit F5 to begin debugging.  This should launch RightEdge.

8. Open your trading system project in RightEdge and begin either a simulation or live system run.


At this point, your breakpoints should be triggered.  If the breakpoints are a solid red dot, the library is loaded and active.  If the breakpoints are a hollow dot, the system is not properly setup for debugging.  One common cause is missing program debug information. Make sure that program debug information is begin produced.  The file extension of the program debug database that Visual Studio uses is .pdb.  This should reside in the same location as your trading system assembly.