RightEdge - The Ultimate Backtesting and Trading System Development Platform

Using the RightEdge Environment

RightEdge uses cutting edge user interface components so that relevant information is available at all times.  The RightEdge environment consists of dockable windows, floating windows, dockable menus and toolbars and a document manager with "tear-away" tabs.  There are many aspects about the user interface that are customizable.  First, let's get acquainted with the panes that are available.


The illustration above shows all of the panes available in RightEdge.  The most important area of the application is the Document Area.  The document area houses a variety of documents that can be called up in RightEdge.  In the above example, a chart current exists in the document area.  Other items that are considered documents are source code files, the Project form (used in drag and drop system building) and the System Results document.

Hiding/Pinning and Unhiding/Unpinning Panes

Each pane in RightEdge can be hidden or shown at any time.


The example above shows all of the panes in RightEdge hidden with the exception of the Properties pane which has "flown out".  The pin in the upper right hand corner, when pressed, will make the pane a part of the current window.  When unpinned, the pane will disappear to the nearest edge of the main window.  When the mouse is rolled over the pane title, the pane will "fly out" where it can be pinned again.  If unpinned and the mouse leaves the pane area, the pane will hide itself again.

Docking Panes

Each pane in RightEdge can be hidden or shown at any time.  In addition this a pane can be docked inside of another pane or to the top, bottom, left or right of the edge of the main window.


Use the left mouse button and click and hold the tab area of the pane.  When a drag on the tab occurs, the pane will become transparent and docking arrows will be displayed as shown above.  Move the mouse cursor on top of any of these arrows to perform the dock operation.  Hit the Escape key to cancel the drag operation.  To undock a pane and specify that it should not be docked with any other, hold the Control key before beginning the drag operation.

Document Area

As mentioned previously, the document area will contain document like items such as charts and source files.  Documents cannot be docked within other panes, however, documents can be split within the document area or "float".  Click the tab area of the document with the left mouse button and begin to drag the tab.


The sample above shows two charts that are stacked horizontally along with another chart that is floating outside of the main RightEdge window.

Floating documents are particularly useful in a both a chart or source file situation, especially in a multiple monitor environment.

Note:  Pane layout is persisted between instances of RightEdge.  Documents are not persisted between instances.

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