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RightEdge License and Subscription Pricing Information

RightEdge Product License

A RightEdge product license will be offered in two forms.

  • Perpetual License
  • Monthly Lease Purchase

Perpetual License

A RightEdge perpetual license is sold for a one-time licensing fee of $499.00 USD per major revision.  Upgrade pricing to other editions will be available, or a subscription may be purchased.  See the subscription details for more information.

Monthly Lease Purchase

Have access to the latest version at a small cost per month, plus you can apply 50% of your total lease amount paid towards a perpetual license.

A RightEdge lease purchase option is available for $50.00 per month.

See our purchasing FAQ for details about the monthly lease purchase and perpetual license purchase.

Minor revisions to editions are always available at no additional charge.

Please feel free to download a fully functional 45-day trial here.

Software Delivery

Once the licenses are puchased, they will be available under the Customer Area of the web site.  To apply the license to your existing copy, click the Download Product License link (Download License) to obtain your license file.  When prompted, save the license file into the RightEdge installation folder (This is C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge by default).  You're now ready to run your licensed copy of RightEdge.

For more information about purchasing information including refunds, volume discounts and more, please visit our Purchase Information page.

RightEdge Product License With Subscription

A RightEdge product license with a subscription may also be purchased for an additional $149.00.  The subscription holder is entitled to all major and minor revisions during the subscription period.  The subscription holder is also entitled to gold level support which includes first priority for support requests as well as phone support when required.

This does not include trading system development, debugging or other custom software development services.

Subscriptions are effective for twelve months.  Upon expiration, a renewal may be purchased and the same entitlements apply.  After a subscription has lapsed it is no longer available for renewal.

RightEdge can be purchased with a subscription or the subscription may be purchased separately up to thirty days after the date of purchase.  After this date, the subscription will no longer be available.

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