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Solving Licensing Problems

The purpose of this topic is to address various licensing problems encountered by trial, lease and perpetual license holders.  This topic is separated into two sections, one for trial users and another for RightEdge customers.

Lease Users
If you auto renew your lease, RightEdge will pick up the update from the license server.  Of course, you'll need to be connected to the internet.  In some cases, there may be an error applying the update to the license file.  This can be handled manually with the following steps.

First, retrieve your serial number from the customer area.  Click on the order details and you'll see the screen below.

This will be the serial number you install.

If for some reason you’re not given the opportunity to enter the serial number, you may need to delete the old license file.  This is located in the Application Data folder.  Open the application data folder from the Help->About screen in RightEdge.  Close RightEdge.  Delete RightEdge.lic.  Restart RightEdge.

Trial Users
Note: If you've installed RightEdge in the past, a reinstallation does not reset the trial.  The trial license is kept and you will need an extension.  If this is the case, please contact support for an extension.

If you have not installed a trial version in the past, please continue.  If you're installing under Windows Vista or Windows 7, RightEdge needs run as an administrator or in what is known as "Compatibility Mode".  Compatibility is usually the most successful solution of the two, but takes a bit more time to do.

To run RightEdge in compatibility mode, follow these steps.
  1. Close all instances of RightEdge.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the RightEdge program folder.  The location is C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge by default.
  3. Locate the RightEdge.exe program executable file.
  4. Right click on this file and select Properties.
  5. Select the Compatibility tab.

Note: You may optionally select the checkbox "Run this program as an administrator" if it is available.

To run RightEdge as an administrator, navigate to the RightEdge program group in the Windows start menu.  Right click on the RightEdge icon and select Run as Administrator.  If this option is not available, you may not have the privileges to run an application as administrator.

Licensed Users

In rare cases, there have been reports of invalid license files after the purchase.  This has been caused by a few things.

1. The license file was applied incorrectly.

Two reasons for this.  First, you attempted to apply the license file while RightEdge was already running.  Please exit RightEdge and overwrite the extising RightEdge.lic.

Second, the downloaded license file was not saved as RightEdge.lic.  It is important that the filename is RightEdge.lic and that it overwrites the existing RightEdge.lic.

2. The browser has mangled the license file.

When downloading your license file from the site, a web browser or anti-virus application might alter the contents of the license.  Try another web browser.

3. Another license file exists somewhere on the computer.

In very rare cases, another application or some backup software may have made a copy or archive of the old license file.  Somehow, RightEdge is finding this (old) copy of the license file.  To remedy this, do a full search of your computer for any file ending with the extension .lic.  If any of these match the old RightEdge license, they'll need to be removed.

Please be careful that you do not delete another application's data file with this extension!

Finally, if you're still having difficulty applying the license after trying all of these steps, please contact our support department for further assistance.

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