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Trading Systems
These trading systems are available for download.  We encourage all to share their trading ideas here so that they can be built upon by other members.

NOTE: We make every effort to ensure that trading systems are not malicious in nature.  Please make sure that trading systems are not run under highly privileged accounts (such as power user or administrator).
System Name: CorrelationTable
Description: Calculates Correlations of each two-symbol combination in a WatchList. Generates a CSV File (C:\temp\cTable.csv) with the complete Correlation Matrix and a CSV file (C:\temp\cList.csv) with a sorted list of correlation coefficients. The CSV files are ready to read with EXCEL. Correlation is calculated from the bar-to-bar percentage change (Close-Close) of each instrument. Note: This "Trading System" contains a Shutdown() procedure only.
System Type: Informational
Language: C#
Author: DrKoch
Date Created: 3/5/2008 8:11:17 AM
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