The IBroker type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddOrderUpdatedDelegate
Used to subscribe to the OrderUpdatedDelegate.
Public methodAddPositionAvailableDelegate
Used to subscribe to the PositionAvailableDelegate.
Public methodCancelAllOrders
Cancels all orders currently submitted.
Public methodCancelOrder
Cancels an order that is submitted.
Public methodCustomMessage
Sends a custom message to the broker. This can allow direct integration between a trading system and a broker plugin.
Public methodGetAccountBalance
Retrieves the current cash balance of the account. This will be the same as GetBuyingPower()()()() unless there is an account margin factor.
Public methodGetBuyingPower
Retrieves the amount of buying power available as reported by the broker.
Public methodGetOpenOrder
Gets a single open order by unique Id.
Public methodGetOpenOrders
Retrieves orders that are currently open.
Public methodGetService
Retrieves the IService instance associated with this broker.
Public methodGetShares
Gets the number of shares currently held by this broker for the specified symbol.
Public methodIsLiveBroker
Determines whether or not this is a live broker. Simulated brokers should implement the ISimBroker interface.
Public methodRemoveOrderUpdatedDelegate
Used to unsubscribe to the OrderUpdatedDelegate.
Public methodRemovePositionAvailableDelegate
Used to unsubscribe to the PositionAvailableDelegate.
Public methodSetAccountState
Called before Connect(ServiceConnectOptions) to notify the broker of the list of orders that the system expects are pending, and the positions it expects are open.
Public methodSubmitOrder
Submits an order to the broker.
Public methodSyncAccountState
Called when the broker plugin should try to sync its orders with the orders at the broker. Called by RightEdge after Connect(ServiceConnectOptions) or after a reconnection.

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