The IRightEdgeApp type exposes the following members.


Public methodCheckBarData
Checks bar data for specified symbols for errors. Will launch a dialog to display progress, errors, and allow them to be fixed.
Public methodExportBarData
Exports bar data for specified symbols to a text file. Will launch a "Save As" dialog.
Public methodGetDataStore
Gets the current data storage plugin, allowing access to bar and tick data
Public methodGetQuickChartSettingsDelegates
Returns a list of delegates which can be used to display quick charts with user-defined settings"/>
Public methodGetServices
Gets a list of configured services in RightEdge
Public methodGetSymbolSources
Gets the symbol sources available from the services set up in RightEdge
Public methodShowBarDataEditor
Shows the bar data editor for a symbol
Public methodShowExceptionDialog
Shows RightEdge's error dialog with detailed exception information
Public methodShowQuickChart
Displays a chart for the specified symbol in the RightEdge UI
Public methodShowServiceSetupDialog
Shows the RightEdge service setup dialog
Public methodShowSymbolInformationDialog
Shows the symbol information dialog for a symbol
Public methodShowTickDataEditor
Shows the tick data editor for a symbol


Public propertyMainWindow
The handle to the main RightEdge window, which can be used as the parent when displaying dialogs

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