The SystemRunSettings type exposes the following members.


Public methodSystemRunSettings
Creates a new SystemRunSettings object.


Public methodClone
Creates a deep copy of the SystemRunSettings object.
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Public propertyAccountCurrency
Public propertyAllocationPerPosition
The amount to allocate for each position when position size is not specified. How this value is interpreted depends on the AllocationType property.
Public propertyAllocationType
The allocation method to use when position size is not specified. Use the Allocation property to set a value for this method.
Public propertyApplyForexInterest
Public propertyBarCountExit
Public propertyBarFrequency
The main bar frequency to use for the system.
Public propertyCreateTicksFromBars
Public propertyCustomString
Public propertyDataStartDate
The date to start the simulation.
Public propertyEndDate
The date to end simulation.
Public propertyForceRoundLots
Specifies if submitted orders will be forced to use round lots. If true, the number of shares will be rounded to the nearest 100 share increment.
Public propertyForexRolloverTime
Public propertyHighBeforeLowDuringSimulation
Specifies that the bar high price should be processed before the low price.
Public propertyIgnoreSystemWarnings
Public propertyLeadBars
Number of bars to skip before beginning trades in the simulation.
Public propertyMaxOpenPositions
The maximum number of positions allowed to be open at any given time.
Public propertyMaxOpenPositionsPerSymbol
The maximum number of positions allowed to be open at any given time for one symbol.
Public propertyProfitTarget
Public propertyProfitTargetType
Public propertyRestrictOpenOrders
Specifies whether the Max Open Positions settings should limit the number of position open orders submitted.
Public propertyRunNumber
Public propertySaveOptimizationResults
Specifies whether optimization results should be saved.
Public propertyStartingCapital
The amount of capital to begin the simulation with.
Public propertyStopLoss
Public propertyStopLossType
Public propertySymbols
The list of symbols to use for the system
Public propertySynchronizeBars
If set to true, empty bars will be created when a symbol does not have any data during a time period that another symbol did have data. This ensures that a given index (look back value) corresponds to the same date/time for all symbols.
Public propertySystemParameters
Specifies the values for system-specific parameters, which may be used for optimization.
Public propertyTradeStartDate
The date to begin trading.
Public propertyTradingSystemProjectPath
Public propertyUseTicksForSimulation
Specifies that for symbols that have tick data in the data store, the tick data should be used for the simulation.

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