Called to display a dialog to allow the user to adjust optimization settings before an optimization is run.

Namespace: RightEdge.Common
Assembly: Common (in Common.dll) Version: 2010.1.0.0 (2010.1.0.0)


protected internal virtual bool ShowOptimizationSettings(
	SystemRunSettings runSettings,
	IWin32Window owner
Visual Basic
Protected Friend Overridable Function ShowOptimizationSettings ( 
	runSettings As SystemRunSettings,
	owner As IWin32Window
) As Boolean
Visual C++
protected public:
virtual bool ShowOptimizationSettings(
	SystemRunSettings^ runSettings, 
	IWin32Window^ owner
abstract ShowOptimizationSettings : 
        runSettings : SystemRunSettings * 
        owner : IWin32Window -> bool 
override ShowOptimizationSettings : 
        runSettings : SystemRunSettings * 
        owner : IWin32Window -> bool 


Type: RightEdge.Common..::..SystemRunSettings
The system settings.
Type: System.Windows.Forms..::..IWin32Window
The window which should be used as the owner for the dialog.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True to continue, or false to cancel the optimization.


The default implementation of this method shows a dialog where the user can modify the optimization parameter high and low values, and number of steps for each parameter. It can be overridden to display a custom dialog or bypass the dialog altogether.

If RightEdge is run with the /O:optimizationfile command-line option, this method will not be called, and LoadOptimizationSettingsFromFile(SystemRunSettings, String) will be called instead.

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