The OptimizationPlugin type exposes the following members.


Protected methodCancelOptimization
Called to cancel the optimization (for example when the cancel button is clicked). The default implementation aborts the optimization thread, so if your optimization plugin is using multiple threads, you should implement this method yourself (and not call the base class version).
Protected methodCreateProgressWindow
Called to create the progress window which will be shown while the optimization is running.
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Protected methodLoadOptimizationSettingsFromFile
Called to load optimization settings from a file.
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
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Public methodRunOptimization
This is the main method of an optimization plugin which should contain the logic to determine what parameters should be used and call the RunSystem(SystemRunSettings, SystemProgressUpdate) method to run the system with a given set of parameters and get the result back.
Protected methodRunSystem
Runs the trading system with the specified settings.
Protected methodShowOptimizationSettings
Called to display a dialog to allow the user to adjust optimization settings before an optimization is run.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodUpdateProgress(List<(Of <<'(OptimizationPlugin..::..ProgressItem>)>>))
Updates the progress displayed in the optimization progress window.
Protected methodUpdateProgress(String, Double, String, Double)
Updates the progress displayed in the optimization progress window (if it implements IOptimizationProgressUpdate).

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