A time which represents the soonest time that the frequency will need to be notified of the current time.

Namespace: RightEdge.Common
Assembly: Common (in Common.dll) Version: 2010.1.0.0 (2010.1.0.0)


DateTime NextTimeUpdateNeeded { get; }
Visual Basic
ReadOnly Property NextTimeUpdateNeeded As DateTime
Visual C++
property DateTime NextTimeUpdateNeeded {
	DateTime get ();
abstract NextTimeUpdateNeeded : DateTime with get

Property Value

Type: DateTime


Time-based frequencies need to be notified when the current time changes in order to send out new bars when necessary. However, it is not efficient to send a time update notification to each frequency generator on each new tick for every symbol (since there is one frequency generator per symbol per frequency).

This property lets frequencies notify RightEdge when the next time is that they will need a time update. Time-based frequencies should usually return the end time of the current bar. Non time-based frequencies can return MaxValue to indicate that they don't need any time updates. A frequency that does need all time updates can return MinValue, however this means the frequency will cause slowdown when running live systems with large numbers of symbols.

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