The ChartSeries type exposes the following members.


Public propertyChartType
Gets or sets the ChartType for this series.
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of items in the series.
Public propertyHasPartialItem
Public propertyLineSize
Gets or sets the size of the line plotted on the chart. Only valid if the chart type is LineChart.
Public propertyPartialItem
Public propertySeriesBorderColor
Gets or sets the Color of the plotted series border color. This is mostly used for bar charts as opposed to line charts which would just use the "SeriesColor" property
Public propertySeriesColor
Gets or sets the color of this series as it will be plotted on the chart.
Public propertyseriesColorName
Internal use.
Public propertySeriesLineType
Gets or sets the line type that is plotted for this chart series. Only valid if the chart type is LineChart.
Public propertySeriesName
Gets or sets the user defined name of this chart series.

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